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Masters Conference


School of Architecture and Cities
University of Westminster, London


Friday 15th September 2023


Welcome to the twelfth People and Buildings conference.

The conference is once again being co-sponsored by London Metropolitan University, University of Westminster and University of Southampton. The range of subjects covered is as wide as ever. We welcome all UK and international students to present your research in various forms and expand your connection in sustainable built environment.

Virtual Poster

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Yu Gao

“How does a storytelling intervention influence students’ behaviour during a school overheating event”

Mahima Ashish Vora

“Understanding Sensory Spaces Through Evaluating the Impact of Vibrations”


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Key themes

Urban microclimate

Building embodied energy

Integrated renewable energy

Passive and hybrid strategies for heating and cooling buildings

Simulation of occupied buildings, measuring and modelling human behaviour in buildings

Building energy demand

operational carbon vs. energy

Assessing occupants wellbeing and comfort

Post occupancy evaluation, indoor air quality, thermal, visual, acoustic, multimodal, mixed method.

Other themes

Daylighting, low energy artificial light, policy and building regulations