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Masters Conference


University of Westminster,
35 Marylebone Rd, London NW1 5LS
(Hybrid session: In person and online)


Friday 16th September 2022
(10:00 to 18:00  BST)


Welcome to the eleventh People and Buildings conference. We hope that you have an interesting and productive time.

The conference is for master’s level students on low energy and sustainable building courses in schools of architecture and engineering from the past two years. The conference gives students a chance to present your work to peers beyond the confines of your own academic. We are pleased that staff and students from UK universities (this year from London, Southampton, Liverpool, Cardiff and Nottingham) with two international universities (Albania and Pakistan) are also joining us.

Prize & Commendation

Lina Al-Saffar

“Investigating Alternative Materials for Displacement Shelters, Using North-West Syria as an Example”

Click here for full abstract and paper

Berth Phileinta Ginting

“Residential Heat Pump Operation in The UK (LATENT Project) And Deferral Situation with Air Conditioning Operation in Indonesia”

Mark Alegbe

“Comparative analysis of wall materials toward improved thermal comfort, reduced emission, and construction cost in tropical buildings”

Mohit Attri

“How can a Façade design enhance daylight in office environments in temperate climates? An energy-efficient approach toward sustainability”

Marie Haase

“Hacking the Street _ Regenerative Design Principles for the Existing Urban Street Section and Public Realm”


Professor Fergus Nicol

London Metropolitan University

Dr Luisa Brotas

London Metropolitan University

Dr Rosa Schiano-Phan

University of Westminster

Dr Stephanie Gauthier

University of Southampton

Nichaphat Sukontason

University of Southampton

Key themes

Urban microclimate

Building embodied energy

Integrated renewable energy

Passive and hybrid strategies for heating and cooling buildings

Simulation of occupied buildings, measuring and modelling human behaviour in buildings

Building energy demand

operational carbon vs. energy

Assessing occupants wellbeing and comfort

Post occupancy evaluation, indoor air quality, thermal, visual, acoustic, multimodal, mixed method.

Other themes

Daylighting, low energy artificial light, policy and building regulations